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About Oakley

Oakley Standard Issue is a dedicated division within Oakley, Inc. that is committed to serving the specific needs of the U.S. Military, government, Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS professionals.

Oakley's partnership with the U.S. Armed Forces began in the 1980's. The alliance was formed to develop new technologies that improve the safety, performance and comfort of our soldiers and safety professionals. An obsession with research and development continues to produce combat ready equipment for those whose lives depend on their gear - and we are honored to earn the respect of the world's best.

This passion has driven the creation of the Oakley SI line, offering unprecedented optical clarity and maintaining ultimate levels of protection. New generations of products are constantly developed at Oakley's research and production facility in Foothill Ranch, California. Each one of these innovations redefined the perception of performance eyewear. If the technology needed by our customers did not exist, then we invented it. From 2014 Oakley Products are available in Poland by the official distributor SPC Poland.


Our adventure with passion, technique and adrenaline began in 2001. Initially small company grew over the years, gained knowledge, experience, the new assortment, and most importantly, loyal customers.

Since the establishment we introduced offer over 10000 products, we have created a professional trade department, dealing with the distribution and sale of high quality products throughout Europe. We have extensive contacts among producers from around the world, Japan, Taiwan, USA, Hong Kong, China and Europe. We are constantly gaining new knowledge and priceless experience to be able to provide our customers the highest quality service.


ul. Kościuszki 114 2N
61-717 Poznań,
NIP: PL5542259553

telefon: +48 533 313 997
fax: +48 614 152 998
Our Location

OnLine Shopping

Online Store offer is addressed to retail customers. If you are interested in wholesale purchases of goods for resale, please contact our sales department by contact form.
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In our shop You can order in the following ways:
  • Through form at without registration, 24/7


For the ordered product in stock, you can pay:
  • cash on delivery - service charge download UPS - 3.99 pln (Poland only),
  • Transfer account - charge fees in accordance with the BANK table fees,
  • payments with PayPal - charge fees in accordance with the PayPal table fees.


You can choose the method of shipment:
  • Delivery Polish:
    • Priority Mail to 5kg - 16.99 pln - 2-5 days delivery
    • Courier GLS to 15kg - 8,99 pln - 1-2 days delivery (Poland only)
    • Courier UPS to 15kg - 15,99 pln - 1-2 days delivery (Poland only)
    • purchasing above 500.00 pln (350 euro) - we cover the cost of delivery of one parcel up to 10kg
  • Delivery in the European Union
    • UPS International Courier Standard - price depends on the weight of the shipment - delivery 3-5 days
  • Delivery of ordered goods is possible in our main warehouse:
    Poznan, ul. Kościuszki 114 2N .


ul. Kościuszki 114 2N, 61-717 Poznan, Poland
phone: +48 533 313 997
fax: +48 614 152 998


  • For each product sold in our shop we give you 24 months warranty.
  • If the item is on a warranty, the warranty period is specified in the warranty document.
  • To make a complaint customer is obliged to previous contact with Customer Services Department in order to establish a complaint procedure.


Please be advised that the exchanges and returns items that do not contain complete information on the exchange / return of goods, address and contact information will not be considered.

ABOUT US is operated by SPC based in Poznan, ul Kościuszki 114 2N , entered in the register of business activity in the city of Poznan No. 68520/2009, the number of tax records PL5542259553 .



  1. O-SI Poland is an on-line store, available at domain, run by SPC company settled in Poznań, Kościuszki 114 2N st, subscribed to the Register of Business Activity for the City of Poznań with the number 68520/2009, Tax Register Number PL5542259553.
  2. All the prices stated at the store website are gross prices (including VAT tax). For each sold product, store provides VAT invoice or fiscal receipt.
  3. Objects of transactions conducted by parties of transactions are products presented at store websites in the time of placing an order.
  4. Products available in the shop are factory new, free from both physical and legal blemishes and were legally allowed for turnover.
  5. Agreement concluded between the customer and the store, concerning the purchase of specific product got time character and lasts during the processing of the order. The place of fulfilling the obligation bonded with the purchasing of products in the store is the delivery address testified by the Customer, with the restriction of goods received personally by the Customer in the place of fulfillment of the obligation stated as the point of receiving
  1. Orders may be placed with utilization of the form available at the store website.
  2. Customer is obligated to filling the order form, including providing the store with address data, telephone number, e-mail address in the terms of confirming the order. Incomplete orders or ones, that probity cannot be confirmed will not be processed.
  3. Accepted orders are automatically confirmed with feedback e-mail. Customer will be informed about the stage of processing of his or her order in the posterior e-mail messages.
  4. Term of proceeding an order is set for 1-14 working days.
  5. Payments for purchased goods may be placed as follows: during the receiving ordered goods from courier or before shipping the order by the transfer to bank account or in the PayPal system or in the instalment system PayU.
  6. Customer is obligated to pay the price for ordered goods, including the delivery cost and another additional payments, latest 14 days after placing an order. Shipping will be processed after receiving the payment.
  7. Ordered goods are delivered by courier companies. Personal collection is available as well. Price chart for delivery cost is available in the INFORMATION > SHIPPING AND DELIVERY OF GOODS part.
  1. Store is responsible for products blemishes in the limits stated by the law. In the case of sales, that is not the consumer sale, regulations about warrant stated in the Civil Code are not included.
  2. If warranty is granted for purchased product, warranty period is set within product description and warranty document, under the condition it was issued.
  3. To place a complaint Customer must use the form available in the INFORMATION > COMPLAINTS part.
  4. The Store recognizes the complaint in the term of 14 days from the date of receiving it in the correct form.
Withdrawal from a contract
  1. Customer may withdraw form the contract within 30 days, counting ftom the delivery date. Withdrawal in the written form must be sent to the store address. Returns will be processed in the term of 14 days counting from the date of obtaining the statement.
  2. Form of return is available in the part INFORMATION > EXCHANGE AND RETURN OF GOODS.
  3. Customer cannot withdraw from the sales contract in the case of purchasing the good that was produced and/or modificated according to customer specification or in case when product is delivered in sealed package, that cannot be returned after opening according to health protection or sanitary reasons.
Privacy Policy
  1. Who processes your personal data?
    Administrator deciding how your personal data are used is the SPC company with its registered office at Kosciuszki 114 2N Street in Poznan, Poland, the operator of an online store
    The Administrator ensures the safety of the transferred data and the execution of the Users' rights, resulting from the act on the protection of personal data. The user has the right to access his own personal data, correct it or delete his personal data completely - for this purpose, you should send an e-mail specifying the request to make changes or delete the data from the register. Personal data will be stored until the client's account is closed, unless it is necessary to exercise the rights arising from the guarantee, warranty, debt collection proceedings, until the end of the proceedings and settlement of receivables. We assure you that our company adheres to the policy of personal data security. We keep your personal information safe and we make every effort to ensure that this level is systematically increased.

  2. How do we get your data from?
    We have received personal information from you when you created an account and/or placed an order in our shop.
    Providing personal data, as well as consenting to their transfer, is voluntary. Any personal data provided shall be processed only to the extent and for the purpose for which the Consumer has given consent. If the Consumer does not provide the data necessary for the execution of the order and does not agree to its processing, it will not be possible to complete the order.

  3. Why do we process your data?
    Personal data of the Users are processed in order to establish, conclude, change or terminate the Contract between the Seller and the Client and to perform the Sales Contract.

  4. With whom we share your data?
    Users' personal data may be disclosed to third parties only with the consent of the User in the cases described in the Regulations, in particular:
    1. If you choose the online payment method your data will be processed by the system administrator to carry out payment transactions;
    2. In purpose of the delivery your personal data are made available to the courier company to deliver the shipment. To implement the service of order it is necessary to provide the following personal data of our Customer:
      • surname and name;
      • delivery address;
      • e-mail adress;
      • contact phone number;

  5. Contact for more information about the processing of your personal data
    For more information, please call us on our Hotline (+48 61 852 13 76), write us an email to or sendu us a traditional letter to, Kościuszki 114 2N Street, 61-717 Poznan
Final statements
  1. Possible inconveniences during the transaction processing in the on-line store will be solved with the settlement certificate.
  2. All mentioned products and names are used in the identification purpose only and can be restricted trademarks of the appropriate owners.
  3. In the cases that are not regulated by the Store Rules or in case of impossibility for reaching the settlement, the Civil Code is to be followed.


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